How to Produce Stress-free Blogs, Podcasts & Video

Finding a way to produce stress-free blogs, podcasts or video is a source of stress for many people (yours truly included!) So what is the best medium? 

I think the best medium for showcasing your skills to your target market are those that reflect the ‘essence’ of who you are. If you have a talent for writing, then blogs, articles, forum engagement etc. is an excellent medium. If you are more comfortable delivering a podcast than being in front of a camera, this will be a good platform for you. I think the answer is to be your authentic self. Decide what you feel most at ease with and then explore ways to use this method to communicate. So, using the podcast example, choose a topic you are knowledgeable and passionate about and then get someone to interview you about it. By having a two-way conversation, any initial nerves will melt away as you begin to engage about your subject. Post links on all the social media platforms you use.

Asking for feedback from clients, colleagues, friends, sending links in any newsletters you produce or doing a sample survey will help you determine preferences from your target market but remember- this feedback will be based on how well you ‘connect’ with them and that comes back to content, relevance and… authenticity.

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