Stress Management Equation

What’s your Stress Management Equation?┬áIt’s World Maths Day

Here’s one of my Stress Management Equations

Relaxation + Meditation + Work-Life Balance – Excessive hours + Family & Friends = Less Stress More Zest

This is one equation that has endless correct answers (that’s the kind of maths we would have all liked doing at school!)

So, what makes a good Stress Management Equation? Well, managing stress is all about getting balance in our lives- managing our work, our time, our leisure… our lives. If you’re feeling out of balance, think about the things you enjoy, maybe it’s just having 10 minutes to yourself- scheduling ten minutes regularly into your day-to-day life can make a HUGE difference. I imagine you would give a good friend or colleague ten minutes of your time… why not take ten minutes now to breathe, relax and think about…

What’s your Stress Management equation?

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