“This has been a truly enlightening and supportive course” Housing Charity

Sessions are tailored to group and individual need and may include any, or all, of the following:

Relaxation & Mindfulness  | Stress Management  | Breathing Techniques | Work-life Balance | Wellness & Lifestyle Analysis | Self Esteem & Confidence Training  | Communication Skills |Voice Coaching & Presentation Skills

Sessions are structured to foster a safe and supportive environment to enable participants to explore problem areas, develop coping strategies and encourage knowledge sharing and confidence building.

Training Ethos

All work is undertaken in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Practical exercises includes working in pairs, small groups or the whole group working together. Individuals will not be singled out to ‘perform’ in front of the group. No special skills are required. Comfortable clothing is recommended. Relaxation work takes place seated in chairs.


I have provided a range of bespoke training for the Charity, Health and Social Care sectors. Clients have included The British Red Cross, Central & Cecil Housing Care Support, the Sisters of Charity, and the Royal National Institute for the Blind, GPs, Hospices, and Retreats & Primary Care Trusts. Testimonials

Caring for the Carer

I design and deliver a wide range of dynamic, effective training courses and specialise in coping skills, relaxation, healthy living and stress management, together with delivering Caring for the Carer training programmes.

Communication Skills For Individuals Within Teams

This short course will help participants start the process of self-development and identify areas for future and on-going training.

The course builds practical knowledge, understanding and application of confidence building and presentation skills and teaches a range of practical self-help tools and techniques.

Learning objectives

Particular focus areas include building self-confidence, self-esteem and presentation skills and developing and mastering practical coping strategies and self-help tools. Additionally, the course will:

  • Help individuals draw-on existing and untapped knowledge and experience
  • Help individuals build a practical self-help skills-base and provide a springboard for on-going individual and team development

Client Engagement

The core focus will be around:

Understanding/exploring the client/carer relationship

Exploring areas for development/growth

Knowledge sharing/support including:

  • How we see ourselves ~ How others see us
  • How we present ourselves ~ formally/informally
  • Setting boundaries
  • Confidence building

Presentation Skills 

Practical work will include some of the following:

  • Breathing Techniques
  • Body Language
  • Listening Skills
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Visualisation/Positive Thinking
  • Managing Stress and Nerves
  • Finding Your Voice

The Carer’s Toolbox ©

A dynamic, modular course. In each session we will build-up a bank of self-help tools for managing stress, achieving a healthy work-life balance and building confidence, presentation and communication skills.

The above is a selection of some of the dynamic sessions I have provided – please contact me or telephone 07973 518 599 to explore how I can help your staff achieve optimum well being and dynamic, future development.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!