If you make just one change in your life – make it this one!


Rushing around is stressful – physically and emotionally. Often when we feel under pressure we start to rush around, thinking this will help us get more done. The problem is, once we start rushing about, we compound the feeling of being under pressure and our thoughts start racing too, making it difficult to concentrate. At work, this can translate to jumping from task to task, or trying to cram so much in that we start to make mistakes. At home, we may find we rush about trying to complete chores and balance the needs of friends and family so when it comes to winding down, or trying to get to sleep, it’s difficult to still our minds, to unwind and relax.

Think about how you feel when watching a loud, high-impact, action movie? Now think about how you feel while listening to your favourite chill-out music? The movie literally gives us a rush as we become absorbed, hyped-up and swept along with the action. We leave the cinema feeling excited and energised -it gives us a buzz. But; we wouldn’t choose to watch action movies for 8 or 10 or even 12 hours a day, every day.

By simply beginning to be aware of how much we rush around, how much we drive ourselves physically and mentally, we can start to take control on a daily basis. When we are rushed, we feel pressured and stressed, we make hasty decisions or can’t make a decision at all. When we slow down, we have better focus, we are able to think more clearly, to make considered decisions.

By simply beginning to be aware of how much we rush around, we can start to recognise the symptoms of stress and start to take action.

By simply beginning to be aware of how much we rush around, we can start to take control of our stress and responsibility for our lives.

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NB: If you experience any unexplained symptoms check with your GP to rule out any underlying medical cause.