Work Life Balance

Do you crave a better work Life Balance? Are you always pushing yourself to do more? To work longer, harder, faster? To cram more in.  Are you the master of multi-tasking. Do you have trouble slowing down…? Unwinding…? Sleeping…? Is your mind always racing…  or, are you so tired, you don’t have the energy to string two words together? Well- congratulate yourself if you answered yes to any of those questions! Why? Because it means you are still in touch with your body and mind- still able to recognise the signs of  stress and therefore~ still able to do something about it!

Our bodies and minds are fantastic- our body ticks over on its own, often when we don’t pay it any attention at all for long periods of time. We don’t get enough sleep or get any fresh air, or take any breaks, or we eat lunch at our desks, or grab junk food, or skip meals, or grab one more coffee~ and we keep Going and Going and Going~ ignoring that we’re not getting enough rest, or enough time for ourselves, or enough balance… ignoring the feelings of tiredness, or pressure, or anxiety. We cram so much in, we literally have no time to be still. ..To rest. To unwind and relax. And then we wonder why we can’t turn off!  Why we can’t stop the mental chatter, why we can’t get to sleep. Why we wake in the early hours. Why we feel exhausted before we start…

Isn’t it time you start to listen to what your body is saying to you? Isn’t it time you start to be… your own best friend. And here’s the thing: you can either be a good friend to yourself . . . or a bad one. You hold the key to your wellbeing. Your health and happiness. Yes it does take commitment. Yes you do have to work on it, but think about this: You’ve spent so much energy driving yourself harder and harder ~ if you spent just a tiny fraction of that energy on relaxing, on being a truly good best friend, on investing time in the most important relationship of your life ~ You ~  you’ll start- to truly have: Less Stress-More Zest.

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