Work Life Balance

Do you crave a better work Life Balance? Are you always pushing yourself to do more? To work longer, harder, faster? To cram more in.  Are you the master of multi-tasking. Do you have trouble slowing down…? Unwinding…? Sleeping…? Is your mind always racing…  or, are you so tired, you don’t have the energy to […]

How to Produce Stress-free Blogs, Podcasts & Video

Finding a way to produce stress-free blogs, podcasts or video is a source of stress for many people (yours truly included!) So what is the best medium?  I think the best medium for showcasing your skills to your target market are those that reflect the ‘essence’ of who you are. If you have a talent for writing, […]

Why doing ‘La Tomatina’ Reduces Stress!

Could #LaTomatina a bizarre Spanish Festival help you reduce #stress ?  On the last Wednesday of the month, thousands of people flock to Bunol, near Valencia in Spain, for the ‘World’s Biggest food Fight’. So, is La Tomatina just a silly excuse for a celebration, or could it have hidden benefits, like reducing stress and tension? I suspect this seemingly silly […]