Work Life Balance

Do you crave a better work Life Balance? Are you always pushing yourself to do more? To work longer, harder, faster? To cram more in.  Are you the master of multi-tasking. Do you have trouble slowing down…? Unwinding…? Sleeping…? Is your mind always racing…  or, are you so tired, you don’t have the energy to […]

Less Stress: Presentations

Having to make presentations is a common source of stress but with preparation, practice and the use of stress management techniques (such as breathing, relaxation and visualisation skills) you can greatly reduce the feelings of discomfort and start to enjoy public speaking! My Top Tips for Public Speaking and Presentations Know your subject! If it’s […]

How to Produce Stress-free Blogs, Podcasts & Video

Finding a way to produce stress-free blogs, podcasts or video is a source of stress for many people (yours truly included!) So what is the best medium?  I think the best medium for showcasing your skills to your target market are those that reflect the ‘essence’ of who you are. If you have a talent for writing, […]

Why doing ‘La Tomatina’ Reduces Stress!

Could #LaTomatina a bizarre Spanish Festival help you reduce #stress ?  On the last Wednesday of the month, thousands of people flock to Bunol, near Valencia in Spain, for the ‘World’s Biggest food Fight’. So, is La Tomatina just a silly excuse for a celebration, or could it have hidden benefits, like reducing stress and tension? I suspect this seemingly silly […]